Today Gold Rate in Chennai GRT – 916 KDM, 22K & 24K

Welcome to dedicated to providing you with the today gold rate at GRT Jewellery in Chennai. GRT Jewellery is renowned for its commitment to quality and transparency in gold pricing. We understand that accurate and up-to-date information is essential for both jewelry enthusiasts and investors. That’s why we strive to bring you the most current today ([date-today format=’F j, Y’]) gold rates offered by GRT Jewellery in Chennai.

[date-today format=’F j, Y’] – Today’s Gold Rate at GRT Jewellery, Chennai – 22 & 24 Carat, 916 KDM

Update Time: 25/11/2023 Morning 11:24 AM

Today Gold Rate in GRT Chennai - 22K, 24K & 18K Price Per Gram (INR) - 916 KDM

Carat1 Gram8 Grams
Standard Gold 22K571045680
Pure Gold 24K623449872
18 Carat Gold467537400

GRT Gold Rate Today vs Yesterday Comparison - Price Per Gram (INR)

22K Gold Rate in GRT5710568525
24K Gold Rate in GRT6234620628
18K Gold Rate in GRT4675465520

Gold Rate in GRT Chennai in Last 10 Days

DateStandard Gold (22 K)Pure Gold (24 K)
# of Grams1
1 Sovereign
(8 Gram)
1 Sovereign
(8 Gram)
25 November 2023571045680623449872
24 November 2023568545480620649648
23 November 2023568545480620649648
22 November 2023568545480620649648
21 November 2023568545480620649648
20 November 2023565545240617449392
19 November 2023565545240617449392
18 November 2023565545240617449392
17 November 2023565545240617449392
16 November 2023559544760610848864

[date-today format=’F j, Y’] – Today’s Silver Rate & Platinum Price in GRT Chennai

1 Gram1 KG

Please note that these rates are updated daily to provide you with the most accurate information available.

Why Choose GRT Jewellery?

GRT Jewellery has a long-standing reputation for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and fair pricing. Here are some reasons why customers choose GRT:

  1. Transparency: GRT Jewellery is known for its transparent pricing policies. They strive to offer competitive gold rates that reflect market conditions.
  2. Variety: GRT Jewellery offers a wide range of jewelry designs to suit various tastes and occasions. Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary designs, they have it all.
  3. Quality Assurance: GRT Jewellery places a strong emphasis on quality, ensuring that each piece of jewelry meets the highest standards.
  4. Trust: With decades of experience, GRT Jewellery has earned the trust of its customers, making it a preferred destination for gold and diamond jewelry.

How to Stay Informed?

To stay updated on the latest gold rates at GRT Jewellery in Chennai, you can:

  1. Visit Our Website: Check our website regularly for daily updates on GRT Jewellery’s gold rates.
  2. Contact GRT Jewellery: Feel free to reach out to GRT Jewellery’s customer service or visit their showroom in Chennai for the most current rates and personalized assistance.

At GRT Jewellery Chennai, you can expect not only exquisite jewelry but also transparency and competitive gold rates. We’re dedicated to providing you with the most accurate information, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to your gold purchases. Please keep in mind that gold rates can fluctuate, so we recommend verifying the rates with GRT Jewellery directly before making any transactions.

For the latest gold rates and information about GRT Jewellery in Chennai, stay connected with us.

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