Muhurtham Dates in 2024 | Wedding Dates in 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Muhurtham dates for the year 2024. Planning significant life events like weddings, engagements, housewarming ceremonies, or any other auspicious occasion? Choosing the right Muhurtham or auspicious time is of utmost importance in Hindu culture. Our calendar for 2024 provides you with a list of propitious dates and times to ensure your celebrations are blessed with good fortune and positive energy.

What is Muhurtham?

Muhurtham, also known as Muhurat, is the most favorable time or period in Vedic astrology to commence important tasks or ceremonies. It is believed that performing events during these auspicious moments aligns one with the cosmic energies and leads to a successful and harmonious outcome.

Muhurtham Dates for 2024 | Wedding Dates

We’ve carefully curated a list of Muhurtham dates for 2024, categorized by months, to assist you in planning your events. Keep in mind that these dates are based on tamil panchangam and may vary slightly depending on your location and specific beliefs. It’s advisable to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer or priest for precise guidance.

Muhurtham Dates in January 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
21 January 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
22 January 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
24 January 2024WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in February 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
1 February 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
2 February 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
8 February 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
11 February 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
19 February 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
21 February 2024WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
22 February 2024ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
26 February 2024MondayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in March 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
1 March 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
7 March 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
8 March 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
20 March 2024WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
24 March 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
27 March 2024WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in April 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
4 April 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
5 April 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
15 April 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
21 April 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
22 April 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
26 April 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in May 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
3 May 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
5 May 2024SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
6 May 2024MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
13 May 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
19 May 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
26 May 2024SundayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in June 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
2 June 2024SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
9 June 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
10 June 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
12 June 2024WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
16 June 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
17 June 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in July 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
3 July 2024WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
7 July 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
10 July 2024WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
12 July 2024FridayValarpirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in August 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
22 August 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
23 August 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
30 August 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in September 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
5 September 2024ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
6 September 2024FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
8 September 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
15 September 2024SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
16 September 2024MondayValarpirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in October 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
21 October 2024MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
31 October 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in November 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
7 November 2024ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
8 November 2024FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
17 November 2024SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
20 November 2024WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
21 November 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
27 November 2024WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
28 November 2024ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
29 November 2024FridayTheipirai Muhurtham

Muhurtham Dates in December 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayType
5 December 2024ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
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